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If you’re a regular follower of classical music blogs, your dashboard has likely been filled over the past day with the works of Sergei Prokofiev, whose birthday has just passed. It so happens that Prokofiev is my favorite composer, so though I’m off by a full day here, I can’t help but take this opportunity to pay tribute.

Though it’s difficult to choose just one piece of music for such a celebration, I’ll go with the piece that first sent me head-over-heels for Prokofiev’s work—the first movement of his Cello Sonata in C major, Op. 119 (1949), played here by Yo-Yo Ma and Emanuel Ax.

- Melinda Beasi

To partake further in my Prokofiev obsession this week, head over to my personal blog, There it is, plain as daylight.


Today on NOB:

Grigory Sokolov plays:

Maurice RAVEL - Prelude

Ravel composed this wonderful little Prelude in 1913 as a conservatory test. The students where not allowed to see the score before it was to be executed and the tricky part about it is to read the score right to for the hand crossings that must be applied to execute it properly.